I Love Little Legs

Most people I know – okay, most women I know – go absolutely bonkers for chubby baby legs. Show up somewhere with a chunky baby and you’re sure to hear about how “yummy the rolls are” and just how much everyone wants to squeeze them. Personally, I’ve never understood the love of baby bulge, seemed to me that it would make diaper changes even harder.

But maybe that’s because neither of my girls really had any baby leg rolls. It’s quite possible that I’d feel differently if one or both of them came out looking like the Michelin Man (see below… then Google Michelin baby. You’re welcome). Actually, now that I’m reflecting on this I’m pretty sure that I myself have uttered cutesy love-related comments about my closest friends’ baby rolls. But be assured, I will never comment on the legs of a stranger’s baby, no matter how chunky the rolls may be.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 5.06.25 PMNo, I’m more of a lover of toddler legs…. even preschooler legs. Now before this starts to sound creepy, let me explain. Baby legs just sit there – chunky and squeezing out of whatever comical onesie they are currently sporting. They might kick a little, wiggle here and there, or even stretch out after a nap, but that’s about it. Toddler legs on the other hand – now those legs are getting into all sorts of adventures, causing all sorts of trouble, and making adorable memories. And don’t we all wish we could remember what it was like to be that small again? 🙂

For example, chillin’ in a super tiny fishy raft down a crystal clear river

DSCF5498…stretched out all the way in a shopping cart…

IMG_9344…waiting with big sis and her longer legs ( 😦 ) on the table at the doctor’s office…

IMG_9829…learning to put on your pants by yourself…

IMG_1799…Mommy holding onto you for dear life as you insist on dipping your toes in the water while floating on a bamboo raft, even if you can’t quite reach…


…watching TV with one of your favorite stuffed animals filling up your entire lap…

IMG_0046…lying on a 6,000-piece puzzle and not being able to reach the sides…

IMG_1124…and the always popular “I’m-sure-Mommy-will-love-my-picture-even-though-it’s-on-my-legs-in-non-washable-marker.” This one is my favorite. 🙂

IMG_1787I love little legs. Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that crawling and walking are my favorite stages. It’s such a huge world out there, and there’s just something about seeing those little legs explore it all that completely melts my heart.




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