Words from my Daughter

I was looking through my photos and I kept coming across pictures I’d taken of things Emily’s written. Little notes, messages, and bits from her homework assignments that made me smile (or laugh my tushie off). Emily has been into books since she was able to crawl herself to the bookshelf, and all those years of reading (and reading to her) have given her a great appreciation for the power behind the written word. She is an excellent writer – from about ages 4-7 she wanted to be an author – and she never ceases to surprise me with the things she comes up with. But instead of keeping her talents to myself, I thought I’d share them here. Enjoy! 🙂

I spent about an hour one Friday night trying to fix a tangled slinky. When I came downstairs Saturday morning I found this note:


Another weekend morning Jay and I woke up to find these on the floor outside our bedroom door. I love that she took money from her piggy bank. 😀


Then was this little message she wrote for me on her church sticker (the half we use to “claim” our kids after the service). ❤


A homework assignment… you can skip to number 9, it’s my favorite. 😀


Sometimes it’s her favorite way to let me know what Julia’s been up to…


Here’s another homework assignment, this time she had to write a comic strip, and she used some food stickers as inspiration for her storyline. You have to read it to learn why the apple is crying. 😀


This is part of yet another homework assignment. She had to write a story using spelling words (circled). Her use of the word “joint” cracks me up every time, even though I know she has no idea what that meaning is! 😀

IMG_3759_2And finally, my absolute favorite. It is really hard for Emily to open up about her feelings. It’s taken years – YEARS – to get her to open up about the smallest things without an hour of prodding and tears from both her and me. She would spend half the time refusing to talk and, after telling me what was bothering her, she’d spend the rest of the time telling me that she really hated talking about her feelings. This note means the world to me, and gives me hope that all those gentle nudges towards opening up to me are actually working. ❤


4 thoughts on “Words from my Daughter

  1. Sanne Williamson says:

    I love this so much!!! That last note made me tear up- I know that’s huge coming from E and I know how much that must’ve meant to you. ❤️
    Have you ever seen those journals some parents keep with their child/ren? They pass it back and forth and write notes to each other. I’ve considered doing that with mine… I think you and E might really enjoy that too.

    • It made me tear up too! 😊 I’ve done the journal before in my classeroom, but I’ve only used it as a tool to get severely aggressive students to vent in a safer way. I might try it with Emily, but now that she’s opening up verbally I don’t know if it will get her to clam up again. It’s a really useful communication tool, for sure! ❤️

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