A Run Full of Love

I’m a bit behind on posting my races! I just completed my 5th run since the half marathon I did at the end of January, and while I’ve had a blast at each one I’m a little happy that I can take a break… at least until my next run in May. 🙂 Hopefully by then I’ll be caught up on posting the last few I’ve done!

I was super excited to learn that there was a local 5K happening on Valentine’s Day, and a few friends and I decided to sign up – especially when we learned there was going to be a medal (I ❤ medals!). A few of the gals I’d signed up with hadn’t been a part of any races that offered them, and they happy to finally have the chance to earn one.


Usually I don’t ask Jay and the girls to come to my races to cheer me on. These events are always early in the morning, and he’d have to get himself and the girls ready and out the door, drive to the race, find a place to park, and do all of that while hoping he makes it to the finish line before I cross it. But he’s come with the girls to both of my half marathons, and I loved it so much that I thought I would milk Valentine’s Day for everything I could and ask him if he could come to this race. Hee hee. 😉 ❤

The shirts for this event were by far the best shirts I’ve received at any of my runs. I loved the V-neck fitted style, and the logo for the event on the front of the shirt was super cute. Usually, although I might dress to go with the theme of the event, I won’t wear the event shirt during my run, but this was definitely an exception!


It was a bit chilly that morning – the high 30s if I remember correctly, which is why we were all wearing jackets. It was kinda a bummer to have to cover up the cute shirts (I think Erin had the right idea to wear long sleeves underneath), but I’m hoping more races start carrying shirts like these!


The race took us through the downtown part of the city, along the same general route as a few other events I’ve participated in. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of running through the city though. There’s just something about running on empty, blocked-off streets that are normally jam-packed with cars. Sometimes people stand on the side of the road or on the balconies of their condos to cheer us on, nearby vehicles honk their support, and you just kinda feel privileged to be a part of it all.


Of course, themed runs are always magnets for the extreme costume-loving crowd…

IMG_5526Because of a knee injury, I’d walked most of a 5K I participated in the week before so that I could run the whole 3.1 miles at this one. I was ecstatic that my knees held up the whole time, and my friend Jen (who also had messed up knees) and I pushed ourselves a bit even though we both had to ice our knees when we got home. We finished the race in just over 34 minutes, averaging about 11 minutes a mile. (That’s us in the middle of the picture.) 🙂


One of the best tips I can give you for joining a race like this is to find a great group of friends to do it with. Even if you don’t all run the whole course together, having someone to hang out with before you start and after you finish makes such a huge difference!


But there is nothing that beats having your family there. I’m so thankful that these 3 crazies endured all the madness to come see me finish! ❤

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