DIY Jewelry Wall

We have an odd closet situation in our bedroom. There’s a small narrow hallway that leads to our master bathroom, and it’s flanked by closets with mirrored doors. The mirrors aren’t too bad, since they give the illusion that the space is wider than it is, but the closets themselves are pretty small. I’ve given my side a mini-makeover – and added the same shoe rack to Jay’s side to help him stay organized – but for the past 9 years I’ve had no clue what to do with this bizarre wall.


Then one day, as I was digging through my jewelry drawer, it occurred to me what I could use that space for. My jewelry had been stashed in gentle piles in a drawer for a while, and as my love for long necklaces grew it became increasingly difficult to keep everything from getting tangled up. I clearly needed a better system, and that wall was exactly the space I needed to solve my problem.


I’d had my eye on Target’s line of paints since the day they put them on the shelves, and this little wall seemed like the perfect place to experiment – especially since it would be completely hidden once the door was closed. I chose Divine Pond and bought one of the sample-sized pots. I found the paint to be very thick – it didn’t glide on easily or thinly enough to get even coats on. It worked out well for this small wall, but I don’t think I’d use it for anything larger.


The next step was to frame the space to make it look more finished. I bought some pre-painted white crown molding at Home Depot, measured the sides of the closet, and cut the pieces to fit.


I should say here that absolutely nothing in our house is straight, standard, or normal in any way. Closets are odd sizes, floors aren’t level, windows are irregular, and there are places where the the walls are taller at one end of the room than another. This space was no different, and despite triple-checking my cuts and measurements the crown molding still didn’t want to fit properly. Eventually I wedged it in, nailed it as best as I could, and filled in any gaps with paintable caulk. Up close it’s not that great, but I wasn’t too worried since it looks fine from afar and again, the closet doors are always closed.



All that was left was to put in the hooks. I found these on Amazon (not an affiliate link), which were perfect because they are coated with vinyl, which prevents them from making that metal-on-metal sound that makes my teeth curl. I ran a row of them across the top of the wall for my longer necklaces, then hung the necklaces on them so that I could see how far down to hang the next row. I repeated this with the next row for my shorter chains. I hung the last two necklaces on the bottom, measuring from the bottom up to be sure they’d fit.


I still have a bit of space so that I can add to my collection in the future, but since I’m not much of a jewelry shopper I think it will take me a while before I run out of room on this wall.


I’m really happy with the way it turned out, mistakes and all. It’s so much easier to see what I have now, and there’s no chance anything will get tangled up this way. Plus, with the Tiffany blue paint I kinda feel like I have my own personal jewelry store right in my bedroom. 🙂


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