10 Years in the Making

Timehop has a way of reminding you that things you feel like you did recently actually, in fact, occurred much further back than you realized. Case in point: the cross-stitch project I completed and proudly posted a year ago. Which I also meant to write about here and never did. Which I also meant to mat and frame and never did. Which took an insane amount of time and effort and thus was to be displayed on a wall in my home and is still sitting in a drawer somewhere, rolled up tight. Boo.


I’ve been stitching for a long time, and a few years ago I learned about a computer program that allowed you to stitch images scanned into your computer. The program (I can’t remember the name of it) would create a “map” of colored squares with symbols that corresponded to DMC floss colors.


Because there are far more color options available through the company than you’d ever find in a kit, the image appears more true-to-life. And the smaller your stitches, the crisper the image. I’ve done a few different projects with this method – a wedding photo for a friend, a baby picture of Emily, the Marine Corps emblem for my Papa Bear. But for me, I had my eye on my favorite painting: Bedroom in Arles by Vincent Van Gogh.


I started stitching the image around 10 years ago, and put it aside every time I needed to work on something else. The image printed on 15 sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ paper, with each sheet of paper holding about 3,200 stitches. I stitched on 28-count Aida cloth (the count refers to the number of stitches in each inch of fabric). This was partly to get the crisper image, but also partly to prevent my finished product from becoming too large. 

I started with the bottom left corner and worked my way to the right, then continued on counter-clockwise until I reached the top left corner. Here is the progression of one of the sections:

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 8.49.53 PM

It took forever, but I finally finished it. The completed image had a total of 46,636 stitches, and I kissed every one of them as I stitched it. Just kidding. 😛 But seriously, that’s a lot of love and time given to a project that’s been sitting rolled up in a drawer for the past year.


I promise it won’t end up another unfinished task like some of the other things I still need to get to around the house… my goal is to have it framed and hung by the end of 2015… even if it’s only because I don’t want it to show up like this on Timehop again next year!


Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear from you!

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