What WE See

Dear Daddy,

You work a lot. For us. You travel a lot, again, for us. You are tired a lot, but it’s because of all the work and travel you do for us. And amidst all this tiring work and travel, guilt can sneak in. Guilt for not being home more, guilt for missing out on things, guilt for sleeping in whenever you can. That’s what you might see – all the ways you aren’t there for us. But it’s not what we see.

PENTAX Image Since the moment you became a daddy, you have been incredibly hands-on. You’ve only grown more gentle, kind, and loving, and for a guy who admits to being uncomfortable around children you are more relaxed and have adapted to any situation better than even you expected. DSC_0899 You set a wonderful example of patience, always explaining things carefully and allowing us to experience things for ourselves. We know that we can make mistakes and you’ll still love us, we never have to fear that a lack of perfection will disappoint you. IMG_1513 You’re protective, which means that you are also aware. You know where we are, and you never let us stray too far. We know your strong arms will always be ready to catch us when we fall, and hold us when we need comforting. We feel safe with you, and in this big scary world that’s a gift we will cherish our entire lives. P1010897 You invite us into your life. We know that we are always welcome, always allowed to share in the things that bring you joy. And you don’t just let us join in, you teach us as we go so that we can continue to enjoy them together as we grow. IMG_1472 You never tire of our company. You want us around every chance you can, never asking us to give you space or time to yourself. You may be traveling or working a lot, but when you are home you can’t get enough of us. And we can’t get enough of you either. IMAG2638You are so helpful to Mommy. She does need a break from us sometimes, and you are always ready to step in and take over so that she can have her hands to herself for a while. We know that if Mommy can’t be with us (she likes a night off from time to time) then you’re ready to jump in and make our time together as special as possible. You’re setting an incredible example of what kind of support we should be looking for in our future husbands. IMG_0866 You aren’t afraid to be silly. To make us laugh. To be weird and goofy and wonderfully strange… because you know that’s what we are and you want to connect with us at our level. You take the time we have together and use it to build bonds that will last us the rest of our lives. You’re giving us memories – magical moments that make us love you even more because they show us a side of you that only a special few get to see. And that makes us feel extra special. 🙂DSC_1244 We know that what matters to us matters to you, and you do everything you can to take our interests and find ways for us to experience them at new levels. You enter our world and find ways to make it come alive, taking us places and giving us experiences beyond our wildest imaginations. We feel important because you constantly show us that even though we are kids and you and Mommy are not, we can all still have fun together.


Daddy, we love you. We don’t see that you aren’t here, we see that you ARE here. Never for one second doubt that you are anything less than phenomenal at this daddy thing.


4 thoughts on “What WE See

  1. This is absolutely beautiful and so spot on! I know those girls adore their daddy.
    Happy Father’s Day to Jay!!

  2. This is extremely awesome. I never knew he was uncomfortable around children. If he really was he did a great job overcoming it. I love that he is my brother in law. You and him are proof that God really does have that perfect someone out there to complete you. Love you all Sue and miss you all.

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