The Movies I can’t WAIT to Watch

Jay and I have a list of movies that we are dying to share with our girls. Movies we can’t wait to share with them – to laugh with, to cry with, to discuss with, to debate with. Emily’s a little older now, and the list of movies she’s seen has increased dramatically over the years. We are loving the special late-nights with her, especially now that they aren’t full of cartoon characters and super basic plot lines. (Sorry, Disney). 😀

As Emily’s grown we’ve started allowing her to watch movies with more adult story lines and intense action scenes. We are still pretty cautious of what she’s viewing, but we know our daughter and know what she’s able to handle. For example, she was completely fine to watch each Harry Potter film after reading the corresponding book, but we’re a little wary of letting her watch the Lord of the Rings series because it might be a little intense for her – even though we know other 9-year olds who have seen them all without a problem.

But even though we feel that she’s finally old enough to see more grown-up movies like Jurassic Park and the Star Wars saga, there are still a few that we are waiting to enjoy with her – and Julia – in the future. Some of these are classics, some are personal faves, and some are just movies I’ve watched since I was a kid and I want my girls to have the same childhood memories I did. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 6.39.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 5.36.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 6.28.00 PM

Although some of these movies have a PG rating, we feel that some of the material (language, drug/alcohol/sexual references, etc.) might be inappropriate, and if the movie is fairly free of those then our reason for holding out is that we feel it’s just going to be over their heads altogether – and then really, what’s the point? We want to enjoy these movies with our girls at a level where we can use them as conversation pieces, not just as random fun things to do. So we will wait. Sigh.

Between you and me, a teeny part of me can’t wait for them to grow up… but don’t tell anyone I said that or I might get thrown out of the Mommahood Club forever! 😀

One thought on “The Movies I can’t WAIT to Watch

  1. I really love this part about them growing up as well! Disney movies are fun but you can’t beat watching some of your favorite movies with your kids!

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