I Run for Ribs

I’d heard of the freebies that can come at the end of a running event. Free pizza. Free massages. Free beer. I’ve even had a free mimosa after completing a 5K event.

But free RIBS? That was a freebie that definitely caught my attention.

The run was the Flanigan’s Rockin’ Rib Run 10K – and not only did the event offer free beer and ribs, but it also came with the BEST swag bag I’ve ever seen at an event.

Seriously, check this bad boy out.


The backpack was solid. As in, real straps (not those nylon ropes), zippers, pockets, and even the little hole on top for your headphone cord to go through. It was FULL of goodies, too – Powerade and Red Bull, sunglasses, a pen, a sports bottle, a can cooler, Flanigan’s cup, shirt, and headband. It also included 2 free drink tokens and, unbelievably, a $10 gift card to Flanigan’s! Cha-CHING! (Who remembers that ad?)

The event was the first 10K I’d run in a while, so I definitely had to train a bit to get ready for it. It was held on what I think is one of the prettiest roads in the area, one I’d been wanting to run on for ages. I was pretty excited. My friends Tina, Jen, and Carolyn signed up to run it too, but Tina had to pass on it due to Peroneal Tendonitis, an injury that had her foot strapped in a soft cast. 😦 (We missed you, Tina! ❤ )


It was a pretty easy run, and before we knew it we’d crossed the finish line and were ready for those freebies. The smell of barbecue ribs hung thick in the air, and we immediately headed over to the truck.


I’ve never had ribs for breakfast, and to be honest, as much as I looooooooove ribs, my empty stomach was turning quite a bit after running 6 miles. I only made it a couple of bites in before I had to chug a bunch of water to rinse the BBQ flavor out of my mouth. So instead we went and got pancakes, a much more breakfast-y breakfast. 🙂


The only bad part about this run? The really bizarre medal. Now, you all know I’m a medal junkie, and I get that Flanigan’s was a major sponsor of the event, but it never occurred to me that I’d have to hang a likeness of Mr. Flanigan’s head on my medal rack. It’s a super cool logo, and I’ve actually met Mr. Flanigan himself (he was a friend of Jay’s grandparents) – I just don’t know if I love it around my neck. Plus it weighs about a ton. And I’m just gonna brag a moment that I also know the guy with the deep voice who does the radio ads… his dog is the sweetest thing ever.


There was nothing to make this run stand out – no theme, no costumes, no starting line dude with a mic tossing out free stuff, but I think between the giant swag bag, the friends, the 10K run, the too-early-in-the-morning ribs, and the giant bearded medal, I’d call this run a success!


3 thoughts on “I Run for Ribs

  1. Yeah, ribs are yummy but in the morning after a run… Maybe not! LOL!
    Sounds like such a fun event though. And yay on the cool bag of goodies!

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